Research-Related Funding:

We want our students to produce high-quality political science research that changes how people think about politics.  Oftentimes, producing ground-breaking research requires spending significant time in a location to understand how politics works at a local level.  Or, it may require collecting original data in order to answer interesting research questions.  Either way, we provide seed funding to help students with the expenses related to traveling to conduct research, interviews, or survey respondents. 

In just the past few years, we have provided a large number of these internal grants.  In addition to getting the students off on the right foot in their research process, this seed money often attracts bigger grants from other funding agencies.

  • Survey experiments on national identity and preferences for redistribution in South Korea, Japan and Taiwan
  • Interviews about corruption in local government in Ghana
  • Survey experiments on the relationship between perceptions of fraud and support for social welfare among Americans
  • Opinions on performance budgeting among American legislators and the public
  • Surveys to test the effects of police apologies on African Americans’ perceptions of police legitimacy

Williams Indonesia

Goldring S Korea