Graduate Research

Our PhD students have strong publishing records in top political science journals as solo authors and in co-authored pieces with department faculty, other graduate students, and colleagues from outside institutions. Publications by our current students and recent graduates include:

Kim, Gidong. "Analyzing Public Opinion and Emotions Using Tweets and Online-Comments toward Candidates in 2017 South Korean Presidential Election." Korea Observer, Forthcoming (with Na Kyeong Lee and Jae Mook Lee).

Drolc, Cody. Forthcoming. “Taking Time (and Space) Seriously: How Scholars Falsely Infer Policy Diffusion from Model Misspecification.” (with Christopher Gandrud and Laron K. Williams), Policy Studies Journal.

Sato, Yuko. 2019. “Elite Coordination and Popular Protest: The Joint Effect on Democratic Change.” Democratization (with Michael Wahman).

Kim, Gidong. 2018. "Social Media and Regionalism in South Korean Voting Behavior: The Case of the 19th South Korean Presidential Election." Issues & Studies 54(3), DOI: (with Jae Mook Lee and Youngdeuk Park)

Yazici, Emir. 2018. "Nationalism and Human RightsPolitical Research Quarterly. Advance online publication.   

Yazici, Emir. 2018."Transborder Identities, Bias, and Third-Party Conflict Management " Conflict Management and Peace Science. Advance online publication. 

Arce, Moises, and Adrian Siefkas. “Comparative Political Economy of Resource Extraction.” In Oxford Bibliographies in Political Science. Ed. Sandy Maisel. New York: Oxford University Press, forthcoming.

Brant, Hanna. “Drinking the Tea: The Tea Party Movement and Legislative Agendas in the U.S. Senate.” Forthcoming at Congress & the Presidency (with Carly Schmitt and Chera LaForge).

Goldring, Edward, and Michael Hendricks. 2018. “Help is Close at Hand? Proximity and the Effectiveness of Peacekeepers.” Research and Politics 5(4): 1-9.

Hendricks, Michael and Moises Arce. “Resource Wealth and Political Decentralization.” Oxford Encyclopedia of Latin American Politics(Oxford University Press), forthcoming.

Holzer, Joshua. “The perils of plurality rule and the major(itarian) effect of cabinet composition on human rights in presidential democracies”, Research & Politics (2018), DOI: 10.1177/2053168018794753

Holzer, Joshua. “Democratic presidential elections and human rights: does a runoff round reduce repression?”, The International Journal of Human Rights (2018), DOI: 10.1080/13642987.2018.1499622

Park, Brandon Beomseob, Nikolaos Frantzeskakis, and Jungsub Shin. “Who is Responsible? The Effect of Clarity of Responsibility on Voter Turnout.” West European Politics, Forthcoming.

Reeder, Bryce W. and John Smith. “US Strikes and Targeted Civilian Killings by Al-Shabaab: An Empirical Investigation” Foreign Policy Analysis, Forthcoming.