PhD Placement


Our assistance to students doesn’t end when the student gets their PhD.  Each student pursuing a job on the academic job market goes through the placement program, where we review job market materials, discuss strategy, and offer interview prep.  We also offer seminars on how to succeed in non-academic careers, and have placed recent graduates in all levels of government, think tanks, and the private sector.

The Truman School is extremely proud of its recent placement efforts (see below). In addition to placing students in tenure-track professor positions in research-dominated universities, we have an excellent track record in students gaining employment at small state universities and liberal arts colleges.  Professors in the latter type of universities can engage in their teaching passions while still having the opportunity to conduct research.

Tenure-track Assistant Professor:

--Hanna Brant: State University of New York—Geneseo

--Cody Drolc: University of South Carolina

--Jordan Butcher: Arkansas State University

--Murat Yildirim: University of Stavanger (Norway)

--Kate Perry: Georgia Southern University

--Brandon Beomseob Park: University of Reading (UK)

--Adriana Boersner-Herrera: University of South Carolina—Aiken

--Edward Goldring: University of York (UK)

Post-Doctoral Fellowships:

--Yuko Sato: University of Gothenburg

--Aaron Kushner: Arizona State University

--Dongjin Kwak: Korea University

--Myunghee Lee: University of Copenhagen