PhD Placement

The MU Political Science department's commitment to training doctoral students includes preparing them for success on the job market. Our department has a strong track record of placing Mizzou graduates in both academic and non-academic careers.

PhD Year First Placement Institution
2019 Postdoctoral Fellow Arizona State University
2019 Postdoctoral Fellow University of Missouri
2019 Postdoctoral Fellow American University
2019 Assistant Professor Georgia Southern University
2019 Assistant Professor Westminster College
2019 Assistant Professor Illinois State University
2019 Research Consultant Global Conflict Data Project
2018 Assistant Professor University of Seoul
2018 Assistant Professor Nazarbayev University
2018 Community Research Analyst Jersey City Health and Human Services Department
2018 Policy Analyst Iowa College Student Aid Commission

Assistant Professor

Institute of Business Administration (Karachi) 

Visiting Assistant Professor

Wabash College
2018 Visiting Assistant Professor

The College of New Jersey

2018 Postdoctoral Fellow

University of Stavanger (Norway)

2017 Assistant Professor of Political Science University of Louisiana-Monroe

Assistant Professor of American Politics

University of Texas-Tyler

Assistant Research Scientist

National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism (START), University of Maryland

2017 Academic Year Lecturer in Political Science Santa Clara University
2017 Assistant Professor in International Studies American University of Sharjah
2017 Sustainable Development Research Associate Reason Foundation, DC Office
2017 Visiting Assistant Professor of Politics Sewanee: The University of the South
2016 Visiting Assistant Professor Emory University
2016 Social Science Research Analyst Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

Assistant Professor

Sewanee: The University of the South
2016 Asylum Officer US Citizenship & Immigration Services
2016 Postdoctoral Fellow University of Missouri
2016 Assistant Professor Murray State University
2016 Director, Statistical Analysis Center Missouri State Highway Patrol
2016 Research Analyst State of Missouri
2016 Assistant Professor

University of Tampa

2016 Assistant Professor Texas A&M Kingsville
2015 Visiting Assistant Professor Lincoln University
2015 Assistant Professor Georgia Southern University
2015 Assistant Professor University of Arkansas-Monticello
2015 Data and Research Specialist

National Media

2015 Program Coordinator for Multicultural Education St. Louis University
2015 Visiting Scholar Asian Affairs Center, University of Missouri
2015 Assistant Professor Lone Star State College
2015 Researcher Missouri State Senate
2015 Researcher Institute of  Euro-African Studies, Hanyang University
2014 Researcher Missouri State Senate
2014 Assistant Professor Coastal Carolina University
2013 Online Experiential Learning Developer  Northeastern University
2013 Assistant Professor University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse
2013 Mizzou Advantage Postdoctoral Fellow University of Missouri
2013 Research Analyst Kansas Center for Economic Growth
2013 Assistant Professor James Madison University
2013 Assistant Professor Lincoln University
2013 Visiting Scholar University of Missouri
2013 Visiting Assistant Professor College of Wooster