David Breed

David Breed
International Relations

LL.M. International Trade Law, University of Sussex, 2015
M.A. Political Science, University of Colorado Denver, 2013
BSc (hons) International Relations, University of Plymouth, 2011


My research focuses on the interplay between international relations and international trade law. I am especially keen for examining the politics of WTO dispute adjudication along with international intellectual property law and the regulation of technology.  

Papers and Presentations: 

Working Papers

"Complainant Party Information Revelation and the Escalation of WTO Disputes"

"Regime Type (Dis)similarity and Mutually Agreed Solutions in WTO Disputes"

"Third Party Participation and the Likelihood of Success in Subsequent WTO Disputes"

"Bilateral TRIPS-Plus Agreements and their Effect on Technology Transfer: Evidence from LDCs"

"International Intellectual Property Law, Traditional Knowledge, and the Patenting of Plant Genetic Resources: What does this Mean for Sustaining Biodiversity?" (with Dave Hemprich-Bennett, Queen Mary University)

Conference Presentations

"Complainant Party Information Revelation and the Escalation of WTO Disputes", International Studies Association - Midwest, St. Louis, November 2017

"Regime Type (Dis)similarity and Mutually Agreed Solutions in WTO Disputes", Midwest Political Science Association, Chicago, April 2018