Michael Hendricks

Michael Hendricks
Comparative Politics
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M.A., Political Science, University of Missouri, May 2016.
Concentrations: Comparative Politics and International Relations.
Graduate Minor: International Development.

B.A., International Relations, University of Delaware, May 2011.
Concentration: International Development.
Specialization: European Studies.
Undergraduate Minors: Spanish Studies, History, Business Administration.


I am a fourth-year Ph.D. student in the department of political science interested in Latin American politics. My focus in Latin America is broad. I am interested in studying large-scale Chinese infrastructure investments in the region and the various implications and impacts these investments have on the people and communities in the region. I am also interested in studying the effects of mining in Latin America, and the impact that mining, mining concessions, and mining companies are having on local communities in the region. My dissertation will focus on the successes and failures of protests and marches in four mining communities in Nicaragua that are influenced by the same gold mining company B2Gold. I recently (January 5-26, 2017) just returned from a field research trip to Nicaragua where I conducted interviews  with local community organizers and leaders in different gold mining communities. I plan to launch a public opinion survey later this year (2017) in the four mining communities that I am interested in studying. I believe that I would like to expand my dissertation project to either Colombia or Uruguay where B2Gold also has gold mines and mining concessions. 

Papers and Presentations: 

“Mineral Wealth, Political Fragmentation and Subnational Protest,” co-authored with Moisés Arce. Midwest Political Science Association, Chicago, IL, April 2017.