Michael Hendricks

Michael Hendricks
Comparative Politics
International Relations
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MA, Political Science, University of Missouri, 2016
BA, International Relations, University of Delaware, 2011


My primary research interests are protests and social movements related to natural resource extraction in Latin America and Africa. This includes exploring what enables these protests and social movements to be sustainable over time, as well as explaining variation in their success. I have additional research interests more closely related to international relations, specifically on explaining variation in peacekeeping effectiveness. This includes analyzing how geographical and climate-related factors affect peacekeepers’ capabilities. I also explore how these factors affect peacekeeping deployment decisions by international organizations. 


My teaching experience, research background, and personal experiences have equipped me to teach a variety of courses, such as Comparative Political Systems, Introduction to International Relations, American Government, Latin American Politics, African Politics, Politics of Development, The Politics of the Global Illicit Economy: Drug Trafficking and International Security, Conflict Management and Peacekeeping, and Environmental Conflict and Security. For more information about my teaching experience, please consult my website for teaching syllabi, teaching evaluations, and teaching certificate.

Selected Publications: 

Goldring, Edward, and Michael Hendricks. 2018. “Help is Close at Hand? Proximity and the Effectiveness of Peacekeepers.” Research and Politics 5(4): 1-9.

“Resource Wealth and Political Decentralization” co-authored with Moisés Arce, Oxford Encyclopedia of Latin American Politics (Oxford University Press), forthcoming.

Papers and Presentations: 

“Peacekeeping Deployment Patterns and Conflict Mitigation Efforts: A Theory of Local-Level Peacekeeping Effectiveness” co-authored with Edward Goldring and Bryce Reeder. Under review.

“Playing to Win: How Expected Effectiveness Influences United Nations Members’ Peacekeeper Contributions” co-authored with Edward Goldring. Under review.  

“How Chinese FDI Shapes Latin Americans’ Public Opinion of China” co-authored with Adriana Boersner-Herrera and Cody Drolc. Under review.