Jin Mun Jeong

Jin Mun Jeong
Comparative Politics
International Relations

I am a doctoral candidate in Political Science at the University of Missouri. My research revolves around the intersection of economic statecraft, foreign policy analysis, international political economy and human security. As my primary research interest, I examine the effectiveness and the consequences of economic sanctions. With regard to sanctions effectiveness, I explore a wide range of political and economic conditions that affect whether sanction succeed or fail. I am also revisiting the previous studies’ argument that sanctions bring about unintended negative consequences for human security. My works have appeared in Journal of Conflict Resolution and International Political Science Review.

Selected Publications: 

Jeong, Jin Mun. forthcoming. “Economic Coercion, Domestic Redistribution, and the Duration of Economic Sanctions.” International Political Science Review

Jeong, Jin Mun and Dursun Peksen. 2017. “Economic Coercion, Political Institutions, and Sanctions Effectiveness.” Journal of Conflict Resolution. Online first DOI: 10.1177/002 2002717728105