Zach Lang

Zach Lang
International Relations
Public Policy and Administration

B.A., Government, St. Lawrence University

Papers and Presentations: 

Lang, Z. (2018, Sept. 27). Social security goes bust in 2034: Here’s how free markets can save it. Foundation for Economic Education. Retrieve from

Lang, Z. and Olesker, R. PhD. (2018, Aug.). Working title: Culture Matters: The International Relations in Game of Thrones. Submitted for peer-reviewed journal publication.  Presented at the NPSA Conference in 2018 and the BISA Conference in 2019.

Lang, Z. (2018, May 22). Rent Control is killing the coasts. Washington Examiner. Retrieve from

Lang, Z. (2018, March 17). Trump’s New Tariff is Putting America Last. Foundation for Economic Education. Retrieve from