Myunghee Lee

Myunghee Lee
Comparative Politics
International Relations
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I am a Ph.D candidate in Political Science at University of Missouri. My research focuses on contentious politics and protest movements in both authoritarian and democratic countries. I am also interested in authoritarian regimes, democratization, repression, human rights, and NGOs. With my language proficiency of both Korean and Mandarin Chinese, my geographic focus is East/Southeast Asia, South/North Korea, and China. My dissertation, Authoritarian Successor Parties and Political Protest in Asia, examines Asian third wave democracies and how authoritarian legacy shapes post-democratization mobilization environment. Recently, I finished my field research in South Korea for my dissertation. This trip was funded by a field research grant awarded by University of Missouri. My research relies on both quantitative and qualitative approaches. Particularly, I am highly trained for quantitative methodology. Bayesian modeling, multilevel modeling, GIS, and data visualization approaches are frequently employed in my research.

Selected Publications: 

“Counterterrorism and Preventive Repression:China’s Changing Strategy in Xinjiang.” (with Sheena Chestnut Greitens and Emir Yazici), International Security, Forthcoming (Winter 2019/2020).

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Working Papers 

" Authoritarian Successor Parties and Political Protest in Asia"

"The Global Diffusion of the #MeToo Movement" (with Amanda Murdie).

"Coup-Proofing and Security Force Defections during Violent and Non-Violent Protests" (with Emir Yazici).