Yuko Sato

Yuko Sato
Comparative Politics
Public Policy and Administration
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M.A Political Science, Kobe University (Kobe, Japan)
B.S. Maritime Science and Technology, Kobe University (Kobe, Japan)


My research interest is developing a theory on the relationship between popular protests and party competition in democracies. Particularly, my dissertation project examines how radicalized protests increase polarization in the electoral field. I specifically examine how exposure to protest events affects the individual supports on radical populist leaders. I employ both quantitative survey analysis and in-depth case studies in Latin America.

Selected Publications: 

“Echoes of a Fading Past: Authoritarian Legacies and Far-Right Voting.” Electoral Studies, Forthcoming (with Nikolaos Frantzeskakis).

“Elite Coordination and Popular Protest: The Joint Effect on Democratic Change.” Democratization, 2019 (with Michael Wahman).

Transformation of Democracy and the Role of Civil Society: The Experience of Participatory Institutions in Brazil. Tokyo: Fukyosha, 2016 (Japanese). 

Papers and Presentations: 

“Protest and State Policy Agendas: Marches and Gun Policy After Parkland.” presented at the Sothern Political Science Association annual conference, Chicago, January 9-11, 2020 (with Jake Haselswerdt).

“Stability and Change in the Foreign Aid Policy: The Role of Political and Bureaucratic Veto Players.” presented at the International Studies Association Midwest annual conference, Barcelona, November 22-23, 2019 (with Kentaro Sakuwa).

“Military Coup or People's Revolution?: Rethinking the Effect of Protests on Democratization.” presented at the American Political Science Association annual conference, Aug. 28-Sep.1, 2019.