Tevfik Murat Yildirim

Tevfik Murat Yildirim
Comparative Politics
Public Policy and Administration

I am a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Political Science at the University of Missouri. My research focuses on parliamentary politics, elite behavior and identity politics. More specifically, I study the institutional (e.g., electoral rules, legislative television) and motivational (e.g., role orientations, race, gender) incentives that shape elite behavior in legislatures and the link between parliamentary performance and legislative careers.


Graduate Instructor:
European Democracies
 (PS 2720), Fall 2017

​Lab Instructor:
Comparative Political Systems (PS 2700), Fall 2016
Introduction to Political Research (PS 3000), Spring 2016
Introduction to Political Research (PS 3000), Fall 2015

Selected Publications: 

“Policy Agendas Project Turkey”. In F. Baumgartner, C. Breunig and E. Grossman (Eds.), “Comparative Policy Agendas: Theory, Tools, Data.”, Oxford University Press, forthcoming. (with Alper T. Bulut)

“Staying Active and Focused? The Effect of Parliamentary Performance on Candidate Renomination and Promotion”, Party Politics, forthcoming. (with Gulnur Kocapinar and Alper Ecevit)

“Hiding Behind the Party Brand or Currying Favor with Constituents: Why Do Representatives Engage in Different Types of Constituency-Oriented Behavior?” Party Politics, 2017 (with Sabri Ciftci)

“Budgetary Change in Authoritarian and Democratic Regimes,” Journal of European Public Policy, 2017 (with Frank R. Baumgartner, Marcello Carammia, Derek A. Epp, Ben Noble and Beatriz Rey)