Jay Dow

Jay Dow
American Politics
310 Prof. Bldg.
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Professor Jay Dow has been with the Department since 1993. He received his Ph.D. in 1993 from the University of Texas at Austin and specializes in the study of voting and elections.


My research centers on voting and elections. I am currently most interested in the development of election methods and processes. This is reflected in my Electing the House: The Adoption and Performance of the U.S. Single-Member District Electoral System (Forthcoming: University Press of Kansas).  I am currently working on a follow-up project on elections in the first party era (1790-1824) tentatively titled The First Elections. In addition, I am also engaged on a couple of projects on the contemporary relationship between electoral systems and party systems.

  • Introduction to American Government
  • The Constitutional Debates
  • Political Parties and Election Campaigns
  • Voting and Elections
  • Advanced Political Methodology
Selected Publications: 

The Adoption and Performance of the U.S. Single-Member District Electoral System (University Press of Kansas, 2017).  

“Party-System Extremism in Majoritarian and Proportional Electoral Systems” British Journal of Political Science 41(2011):341-361.

“Gender Differences in Political Knowledge: Distinguishing Characteristics- Based and Returns-Based Differences” Political Behavior 31(2009):117-136.

“Multinomial Probit and Multinomial Logit: A Comparison of Choice Models for Voting Research” (with James W. Endersby). Electoral Studies 23(2004):107-122.

“A Comparative Spatial Analysis of Majoritarian and Proportional Elections” Electoral Studies20(2001):109-125.